• From simple fixes to server installations, technology and IT support is an essential business activity that eats up time and resources. Instead of dealing with maintenance and installations on your own, gain peace of mind by leaving these frustrating tasks in the hands of a trusted partner.

    Carney Technology Group covers any and all technology in your office environment. We don't just look at one piece, we look at all of the pieces to be sure they are all working in harmony. When possible, we offer convenient remote service, but if you need on-site help, we are local and prompt.

Laptop, desktop or server, Mac or Windows, we have the ability to support all of your devices. Our helpdesk is staffed during normal business hours, and for non-critical issues, you can open a ticket via email or through our customer portal. The customer portal allows you to track, update and understand the efforts we are going through to resolve your issues efficiently and with minimal impact on your business. For Severity 1 issues, you can call the office and be connected to an on-call support specialist after hours. And, all remote support is free with a managed services contract, regardless of the time or effort required to resolve your issue. And, if your issue requires on-site support, we never charge for travel time.

Cloud Services means so many things to different people. They can be confusing, and in some cases, the worst solution to your performance issues. Cloud services are a viable option for some companies, but you need to be sure it is the right option . Cloud computing reduces hardware and software costs while providing processing power that might otherwise go unused. But, deployed in the wrong way, or worse, for the wrong reasons, it can have a negative impact on performance. Let us help you navigate the waters of cloud computing and determine if it is the right option for your environment. One size does not fit all, and with cloud services, there is definitely a large number of options available.

We are experienced with many different POS and Retail systems and understand their requirements and deployment options. Let us help you select the right system for your needs and insure your environment is up to the challenge. If you have a system deployed, let us work with you to be sure it is operating as best as it can, and that there are no security or performance issues that can impact productivity or your clients personal information.

RDP, Thin Client and VPN is a great way to deploy applications or desktops to your employees if done properly. Whether you are deploying thin client to extend the life of your existing workstations or are looking to deploy remote desktops to minimize your support and hardware expenses, we can help you navigate the options and be sure that you have the proper hardware, software, and environment in place to support your business securely.

We have the knowledge to perform analyses and performance engineering on your business systems running on any operating system, so we can ensure your applications are performing at their best. When your system is running smoothly, your employees don’t lose productivity while waiting for an application to respond. When they are not, you lose productivity and cannot provide the services your clients deserve. Let us make sure that everything is running smoothly while you focus on what you do best.

We are able to support many business software applications, not just the typical office software. We work with you to understand the business needs of your applications, how they work, and what needs to be monitored to be sure they are functioning at all times. We can also work with the support teams for your business sofware to be sure that they are up to date. We also monitor and install patches for supporting applications like Java, Adobe and Microsoft frameworks so that you do not need to be bothered with needless downtime and improperly functioning applications.