The owners of many small and medium businesses believe they are too small to attract the attention of hackers. However, hackers know that SMBs hold a great deal of personally identifiable information and that they are most likely to be easy to breach. Attacks against these smaller organizations are on the rise and the trend is not expected to shift any time soon.

In addition to attracting hackers, SMBs are under pressure from regulatory agencies. Smaller organizations are subject to the same rules as large enterprises, only smaller businesses have a lot more at stake.Understanding the requirements and ensuring they are met is confusing and time-consuming, and penalties for non-compliance start at $5000 per instance. An SMB that doesn't handle its regulatory burden with diligence faces an uncertain future.

Carney Technology Group has over thirty years of enterprise experience in security and compliance. We help you secure your network, meet PCI and HIPAA compliance, and prepare for audits. We take a holistic approach, helping you with every aspect of security from implementing technical protocols to documenting disaster recovery plans.

Security is more complicated than installing a firewall or having strong passwords. We can ensure you have the proper security measures in place and configured appropriately so your employees can do their work without exposing customer data to risk. Hardware, software and proper configurations all have to work together to make this happen. We can help make sure that it does, without unnecessary work-arounds that your employees need to follow to access your business critical systems.

Devices like firewalls and access rules only work if their software is kept up to date and properly configured. And, you need to be confident that any upgrades you apply don't clash with other software on your network. Carney Technology Group installs hardware and tools that make sense for your environment and maintains them to provide you with continuous security.

Security these days is about more than having a strong password. Physical Security is a way to protect your employees as well as your customers information. Carney Technology Group installs, maintains and upgrades Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance and Intrusion Prevention systems to keep your workplace safe.

Even when you prevent the bad guys from physically getting into your place of business, how do you keep them off your network while allowing authorized people in? Having the proper firewalls, process and procedures and security measures in place to keep your network safe while allowing your employees easy remote access to the systems they need is a good way to think about Network Security. We can help to provide remote access, network security and update your security processes and procedures to keep you network safe while allowing easy access to authorized individuals.

With all of the government regulations around security practices such as HIPAA, PCI and ISO 120001, how does a business owner get any work done? We can help make sure your systems are compliant and stay that way by working with you on your processes and procedures, as well as monitoring the vulnerability of the devices on your network to stay in compliance if and when an audit occurs.

Vulnerability Management doesn’t just apply to those that have to abide by government regulations. Having a solid Vulnerability Management practice in place, with regularly scheduled system scans and remediation, you can provide an additional layer of security for your systems and your data. Remember, most infections and attacks use exploits that are over 2 years old. Let us help you close those gaps and keep your network safe.