Why Your Small Buisness Needs Vulnerability Manage

Why Your Small Business Needs Vulnerability Management Services?   Well, that depends on who you ask, and what they know about vulnerability management. If you ask me, everyone needs a good vulnerability management program.   Why am I talking about this today? My friend and her daughter both recently received a letter from a healthcare organization that started with “We are writing to inform you of a security incident that may have involved your personal information, which we obtained in... Continue Reading

Not Your Typical Phishing Trip

There is a new fishing scheme in town. The little buggers are sure to twist in multiple directions, luring their unsuspecting prey into their trap, then only to be pulled onto a boat and cut up for dinner, or worse, for bait. Ok. Not the typical “fishing” as most of us know it. This is a “Phishing” scheme, otherwise known as a way to try to extract personal information from unsuspecting individuals for their profit, and your loss. I got a voice message today. It said I was “hiding fro... Continue Reading

What is the Cloud?

According to Wikipedia, a cloud is an aerosol comprising a visible mass of minute liquid droplets or frozen crystals, both of which are made of water or various chemicals. But, if you are here looking for information, I suspect that this isn't the type of cloud you were looking for. More likely, you were looking for the definition about Cloud Computing, a term that is being thrown around a lot, and you hear it more and more every day. Wikipedia defines Cloud Computing as a type of Internet-b... Continue Reading